Le esigenze del cliente sono fondamentali per elaborare un progetto

Customer needs are the starting point to develop a custom lighting project. The first interview allows us a better understanding, collecting  all information and then proceed to the design phase.

The customer interview will be carried out by qualified personnel, able to collect accurately the most important information; customer expectations, type of plant, normative and regulations and final expected lighting result.


A detailed survey of the rooms or the spaces will be performed to ensure the accuracy of the project.

This step is critical for the correct use of specific software, useful for the definition of the lighting project.

In case of buildings of recent / new construction the documentation relating to the design of the plant will be requested, in order to check any need of conversion or completion; in the case of restructuring is our care to check the status of the electrical system to identify the various possible solutions.

Un professionista esperto  A professional expert will carry out an initial assessment that will allow us to determine the feasibility of the lighting project to be sure to respect the expected busget and the construction costs. Technical, aesthetic and budget are necessary information to allow + LED to offer its customers the best solution at the best price.
Il Customer Service +LED

The Customer Service of + LED, will study appropriate solutions for specific problems of the project. The + LED method do not starts from the choice of the product but from the targets of quality and comfort that you want to achieve. We find often  ourselves in specificity situations, where we have to find solutions with standardized products to a particular need or condition. This is a great limitation, but we are always able to find a specific answer.

+ LED provides qualified personnel able to develop customized products to give the right solution for every need.

Trasparenza è la parola chiave che ci contraddistingue

Transparency is the key word that distinguishes us: the final draft is presented to the customer together with a detailed quote.

Drawings will be able to express in a clear and precise lighting choices adopted, will be present different design solutions that will be readable using different output, created to offer different options and possible comparisons in terms of light quality and cost.

La produzione dei prodotti da installare è curata nei minimi dettagli The manufacture of the products to be installed is treated in detail to ensure high quality standards. For us, the value of the product passes through the use of quality materials, precision machining and careful assembly of the different components.
Consegna e installazione sono considerati una fase fondamentale nell’ Delivery and installation are considered fundamental in achieving the goal of curing every detail. We use qualified personnel and we always give the availability of on-site assistance for every need.
+LED assiste i suoi clienti anche dopo la consegna

+ LED assists its clients even after delivery, providing all the necessary advice and clarification. + LED products are guaranteed for 2years.


Più Led Custom Design srl Iuav University spin off/start up Venice Italy.
Punto, Linea e Superficie, three different ways to use light. Each different place offers us his nature, our task is to respect it.
Different places, customer needs, our experience come together to build a common project.
+ LED do not only produce LED lighting systems, but offers to its clients advisory services, lighting design and customization of products.
MOON is an all but conventional lamp; a design project in which shape, light and colour blend in to create an intimate, relaxing andsoothing atmosphere through noble and natural materials: Carrara white marble, brass, aluminum, and wood.
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