Più Led Custom Design srl Iuav University spin off/start up Venice Italy


The LED technology is our passion, energy saving and respect for the environment is our mission.

In lighting the LED is the present and the future, to use this technology to illuminate spaces means thinking about the good of the planet as there are many advantages in terms of energy and environmental saving.


Innovation is our goal, designing high efficient devices capable of long life, absolutely reliable and using noble and recyclable materials .

The LED is a new concept of light and therefore should be used with precision, passion and creativity and not disregarding a constant work in research.

Our products are the result of constant research and testing, with particular attention to thermal design, as controlling and manage the heat of LEDs means ensuring to devices a long working life and a constant quality of light.
Più Led Custom Design srl Iuav University spin off/start up Venice Italy.
Punto, Linea e Superficie, three different ways to use light. Each different place offers us his nature, our task is to respect it.
Different places, customer needs, our experience come together to build a common project.
+ LED do not only produce LED lighting systems, but offers to its clients advisory services, lighting design and customization of products.
MOON is an all but conventional lamp; a design project in which shape, light and colour blend in to create an intimate, relaxing andsoothing atmosphere through noble and natural materials: Carrara white marble, brass, aluminum, and wood.
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